CREATIVES that withstand
6-7 figures in spend

Get new winning ads delivered each week by our dedicated team of experts, and smash through your ad spend ceiling to scale FAST.

The Revolution in E-commerce:
It's All in the Mind

This isn't just another marketing tactic. It's a paradigm shift in how you connect with your audience.

Consider this: 95% of our decisions stem from the subconscious mind—a labyrinthine maze filled with associations, memories, and even those catchy jingles from gum commercials.

This is where the magic happens. This is where decisions are made.

In all of our case studies, brands have either lowered their CAC or scaled up without sacrificing margins.

And that doesn’t happen by accident.

The formula is simple:

Consumer Behaviour & Psychology

In essence, mastering advertising psychology is not a mere option - it's the secret weapon your brand desperately needs.

By embracing and mastering the art of consumer behaviour and psychology, we’ll create compelling and persuasive ads for your DTC brand.

Ads that not only resonate with your audience, but also cater to your customer's subconscious desires and coerce them to take ACTION

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we've worked with 30+ Brands to achieve results like these...

$34k to $280k Monthly Spend In Just 5 Months

Within just 5 months of creative testing, we’ve more than 8x MD Exam's ad spend towards our ad creatives to $70k/week

30% Creative Win Rate

$390k+ Spent On One Banger

71% Growth in Just 30 Days

Before we started working together Kim-Kimmy struggled to scale without losing profitability. Within a month we increased their revenue by 71.04%

Reduced CPA by 41.93%

Increased ROAS by 87.96%


They were testing creatives from a total of 4 different agencies, pitting us against one another

$150k+ Spent On One Banger

Increased new customer ROAS

we're Averaging 20%+ win rate
across all our clients

Check out our portfolio of creatives that stop the scroll and slice through the noise

what our clients
say about us

“Next level of scale”
Head of Performance at Inspire Brands
“Process is so so smooth”
Co-Founder of a 7 Figure Brand
“Fast and comprehensive”
Founder of Kim-Kimmy
"Working with DTC Alchemy has been refreshing when compared to working with other agencies. Because of their clear communication and honesty, I was always aware of their campaign strategy and performance."
CEO of SeoulCeuticals
"Thanks to their in-depth analysis, we finally have a clearer picture of the angles that would take our ads to the next level.
‍They provided sound strategies which helped us structure and improve new ad creative ideas.

Founder of OmniDesk
Thanks to their in-depth analysis, we finally have a clearer picture of the angles that would take our ads to the next level. They provided sound strategies which helped us structure and improve new ad creative ideas. They definitely have the right processes in place!
Co-Founder of OmniDesk

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What does DTC Alchemy do?

DTC Alchemy is a performance creative agency focused on delivering psychology-based ads that convert.

We exist to help DTC brands produce, test and iterate ads to scale their paid social ads profitably.

Our team consists of top creative strategists, copywriters, video editors, graphic/motion designers, and UGC creators/actors who deliver high-performing ads like clockwork.

We take care of everything - mapping out your creative strategy, scripting ads, shooting, designing, editing, analysis, reporting and iterations.

Is there a minimum commitment?

Absolutely not.

We don't want to work with clients who aren’t happy or satisfied with our service, so we base our partnerships on month-to-month renewals.

You can pause or cancel anytime, we only ask for a 14-day notice.

Do we need to pay for creators separately?

Creative costs are included in our packages. You’ll also get access to all raw clips and unlimited usage rights.

What’s the onboarding process like?

Super simple. As soon as payment is made, a service agreement and onboarding form will be sent to your email.

The onboarding form takes 20 to 30 minutes and that's all we need from you.

At the end of the form, you will find a calendar link to schedule your kickoff call.

We will also send you an invitation to Slack for daily communication.

How much creative direction is required?

As much or as little as you like. We gather as much information as possible during our onboarding phase before diving deep into market, audience, and competitor research.

You’ll have the ability to provide edits/feedback on selected creators and creative briefs/scripts before moving forward.

What’s your average turnaround time?

From the day you fill up the onboarding form, it will take about 21 working days to receive the first batch of ads.

During the kickoff call we’ll agree on a delivery day, after which you can expect new batch of ads delivered weekly like clockwork.